Our Cars

Come and have a go in one of our lively Mazda Mx-5 purpose built race Cars. As seen in the Mazda MX-5 Supercup. A rear Wheel drive car with 180bhp built to a full race specification. A perfect place to learn and master the skills of driving a rear wheel drive car. Come and have a go and understand why these are one of the most popular race cars in the UK. Prices for a full day from £950, additional drivers available so the cost can split. 

       Race Spec Highlights

  • Full Race Exhaust

  • 180BHP Engine

  • Race ECU Map

  • Pipercross Air intake

  • Gaz Race Suspension

  • Avon Race Tyres

  • Race Brake Pads

  • Bucket Race Seat and Harness

oulton 3.JPG

Come and have a go in this beautiful high revving Rotary powered Mazda RX-8. With a rev limiter up to 10,000 RPM, a race ECU Map, a Race exhaust and air intake, this is a beautiful sounding machine. 4 Pot AP Brake Calipers and race pads making this road car feel like a real track weapon. With 250BHP and rear wheel drive, its a match made in heaven for anyone wanting to get the car to slide around. Prices start from £695 with additional drivers available to share the costs.

rx8 (2).PNG

       Track Spec Highlights

  • Full Race Exhaust

  • 250BHP Engine

  • Race ECU Map

  • Cold Feed Air intake

  • 4 Pot Race Brake Calipers

  • Race Brake Pads

  • Rotary 'wankel' Engine

  • 10,000 RPM Rev Limit