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Who's it for

Are you a complete novice? A Racing Driver? A Track Day Enthuiast? Or someone who just likes having fun? Then a SuperTrack Day out is perfect for you. All you need is a driving licence and we're good to go.

What makes us different from our competitors, is that we can cater for all types of experience levels and tailor your day out with us to your exact needs.


Even if you've never driven a race car before that doesn't matter to us. What better way to spend the day than learning how to drive a race car. We have 3 different type of car, which means you can learn in our slower vehicles and then build your way up to driving the faster cars when you feel more confident. Our instructors are their to help you learn and they will never push someone harder than they want to go. But They can always bring the best out of you on the day.

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Race or Track Experienced


If you've got previous track or race experience then we can tailor your day with us to suit exactly what you want out of the day. Whether it's to just try out a new type of car with some tuition, or whether you're looking to shave off those last few tenths of a second. We've got you covered. Our cars set up and geometry can be adjusted for different experience levels.

Corporate Events

We have 5 Race and track cars available. We can cater for big corporate parties, staff days out, client and networking events. We can include catering and hospitality. There is no job too small and or too big for us. We have access to a large amount of ARDs race Instructors which we can have on hand and with our 5 cars, we can promise lots of track time for all your guests at any circuit in the UK.

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