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What's Included

  • Full Tuition from ARDs grade A insructor, Multiple Race Winner and British Champion

  • A choice of our race/track prepared car, for a full track day at a location of your choice  

  • Arrive and Drive format with Support and set up from race Team Hills Motorsport

  • Racelogic Data and Video Analysis for coaching

  • Video footage of your day to keep

  • Race winning prepared car to use

  • Additional drivers available to split the costs

  • Drive the car on your own or with an instructor

  • All abilities catered for whether a complete novice or an experienced racing driver

  • 80L of fuel included

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How the Day Runs

  1. 8am-8.30 Arrive at Circuit, meet the team, check the car for seating position and breifing about the car and circuit. So you're nice and comfy in the car, and confident about how the day runs

  2. 9am Track Time Begins, sighting laps with the instructor driving to show you around the circuit, the racing lines and anything to watch out for.

  3. 9.15 Morning driving sessions begin. We run 15 minute sessions, with around a 15 minute break after each session, this gives us a chance to look back and see where you can improve for the next session. It will also give you and the car a chance to cool down.

  4. 12.30-13.30 Lunch Break

  5. 13.30-17.00 Afternoon driving sessions, same format as the morning.

  6. 17.00-17.20 End of the day and a debrief, overall pointers on where to improve for the next time. You will be leaving a much better driver than you arrived! You will also recieve a 10% discount card on future bookings.*


*Please note this is how an average day will go, some circuits run different timetables and sessions. You will normally get get 2x 15 minute sessions per hour but that cannot be garunteed. 

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